Lockett during Playoffs?

Lockett has looked awful since his injury and he’s gonna be going against a tougher pass D than the Vikings… my WR are
Moore and Parker
Bench: Shepard, Woods and TY

Should I start Lockett or should I look at someone else?

Apparently Lockett had the flu this past game. I have him and will start him this week. I don’t feel great about it but I rather go down with him in my starting line up then lets say Robby Anderson starting.

Yeah I agree! But Robert words has been killing it so idk what to do

I’m kinda in the same boat. I’m debating between Singletary or Boyd over Lockett. I don’t like it but right now I’m worried about Lockett.

I’m really worried too… might just have to flip at coin and go w/ the results

Yeah I would feel fine starting Woods. Against Seattle? Definitely.

Same boat here. Need two start two and a flex.

  • WR: Thielen, Parker, Lockett, Woods, Anderson
  • Bench: Mostert, Jamaal Williams

Any thoughts? I’m concerned about Thielen and Lockett.

Lockett Woods Parker would be my 3 of those for you
Idk about theilen and hows hes going to play coming back after missing a few weeks

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Perfect. Round 1 of play-offs. Need to win!