Lockett for carson?

Hey there I’m currently 4-4 in a 12 team leauge. My running backs are Gibson, Chubb, mckissic and Murray. My wide receivers are Lockett, Keenan Allen, Pittman, Antonio brown, toney and Michael Thomas. I’m thinking of trading high on locket and buying low on Chris carson. What do you guys think. Thanks for the help

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Carson might be out for the rest of the season with that neck injury, so I would steer clear

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I’d hold Lockett, or at least find a different RB to trade for. You do probably need an RB but Russ is coming back soon and they’ve got great chemistry together, so if Carson is out for the year (which is a possibility) you’d basically be giving away all that future upside for free.

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Would you guys do Lockett for Clyde edwards helaire then?

With a 4-4 record, I’d target “buy-low” RBs that are healthy. Plus, CEH’s grasp of the KCC running back opportunities is tenuous at best.

Who would you say is a buy low running back

James Conner, Damien Harris, or Zack Moss. Darrell Henderson has a higher perceived value, but little less name recognition (compared to Cook/Kamara/etc.


As others noted, Carson might not play again this year. I’d hold Lockett.

If you are trying to get an RB I’d be kicking the tires on M Sanders. His injury should be short and he was taking over that backfield and starting to look good. I’m also in on Jacobs or Harris for good RB2 with upside potential.

Thanks…I tried for jacobs but was rejected…maybe I’ll try for sanders. Thanks. Would you attempt for Alex Collins as well?

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I probably would not. I am a big fan of A Collins but he’s a bit dinged up and I think they might keep using him with Penny / D Dallas / Homer more than you’d like. Perhaps Herbert in CHI isn’t bad if you are considering A Collins. In CHI once Mopportunity returns Herbert will lose some work but he’s been far too good to just ride the pine.

Ultimately, though, I’d not be too desperate to move Lockett. As it stands your WR is not super deep if he goes and AB is not on the field for who knows how long. Might be next week? Might be longer? I’m not sure on him, but we do know MT is done the year. Toney has been electric but constantly catching an injury to some degree. Not all his fault, but if he misses 2 quarters here, a game or so there, then he doesn’t dependably help you win. I think he’ll be fine long term, but thus far it has been far from smooth sailing.

Not sure your wire, but you could look at Ty Johnson (though he just played) as he’s splitting time nicely with M Carter or even Boston Scott. If they are out there you might be able to acquire them that way and not even need to move Lockett?