Lockett for Conner?

Bell owner just offered me Lockett for Conner. I also own Baldwin. Half PPR.

Would you take that offer?

I am some what concerned if trade him Conner, and the Steelers were to trade Bell, now he has two monster RB’s. Should I even consider this perspective?

I wouldn’t do it. Think you can more for him than Lockett.

I don’t think there is any way they trade Bell, so I don’t think you have to worry him having two good RBs. They can’t trade him till he signs his franchise tender, and I don’t know how many teams could afford the guaranteed money and draft picks the Steelers would want.

Also, trade for what makes your team better and don’t worry about what it does for their team.

I agree, I think Conner’s market value is pretty high right now and you could get more if you wanted to move him.

Do you think he holds value to non-bell owners?

Potentially, if they don’t have a strong RB group, Conner could be a good option for someone looking to hold off on a Royce Freeman or Kerryon Johnson

Bell owner in my league just offered me James White & Lockett for Conner.
I’ll be declining that trade because I feel like that’s not enough so I think you can get more value too.

I’ve seen Conner being traded for Dion Lewis/ Jamaal Williams on here and even higher trade value in my leagues.