Lockett for J. Taylor?


I have:
CMC, AJones, Mostert, Dobbins, Cohen

DJ Moore, Thielen, Lockett, D. Parker, Crowder, G Tate

Would you trade Lockett for Johnathan Taylor? RB’s went super early (Taylor was drafted 2 rounds ahed of Lockett, so that makes it feel like a no brainer, but Lockett is ranked higher as a flex).

I would do it. I’m targeting J Taylor myself. Would you trade AJ brown for him in standard?

I would hold Lockett.

I am less optimistic about Taylor. You’ll get a full season (baring injury) form Lockett as a number one. Who knows when Taylor will pull ahead. Also don’t forget about Hines who will be getting 3rd downs.

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I’d probably hold at first and see where the chips fall. You’re paying for hype right now and just because folks are drafting a hot commodity early doesn’t always mean it will equate to points on the board, in my opinion. There may be better deals to be made a few weeks in.

Taylor might start slow and that could drop his price, I’d say wait a couple of weeks and get a sense of whether they let Russ throw like he wants to, but on the flip side good RB’s are hard to come by, so wouldn’t be upset at all if you went for it