Lockett for Juju and Landry

Morning clan,

So I’m the owner of Lockett and was offered Juju and Landry for him. It’s not the worst trade offer but I don’t think I want it. I don’t really care about Landry but it’s the juju part of it that I’m hung up on.

Lockett may not be the better receiver but he has a better ROS schedule and the better QB…better opportunity. Am I making the right call here by rejecting?

Dynasty or redraft? PPR or non PPR? Starting lineup requirements?

Keep Lockett

Unless it’s a keeper or dynasty, I’d keep Lockett. If it is a keeper or dynasty, it’d be really though to turn that down. It would depend on the other players you have, and if you can still win this year without Lockett. Making the trade, in my opinion, you’re gaining nothing for this year.

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Oh sorry man- no this is .5 point redraft.

My other receivers are Mike Evans, Michael Gallup, and. Scary Terry.

In redraft I’d keep (Hot) Lockett.

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Yeah I think I’m leaning towards that direction. I was thinking it be a lateral move but I’m really moving backwards. I’m trying to declutter my bench at this point and plan ahead.

Guys, seriously, thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it.

I’d stand pat and keep Lockett