Lockett For Mike Williams?

Would you give Lockett to get Mike Williams straight up?

If not Mike who are some WR targets I could get for Lockett?

might sound crazy but you could kick the tires on Ridley or Diggs since they have gotten off to very mediocre starts. Not sure if I would do that trade straight up just because Lockett has the better track record. But it is probably a fairly even swap.

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Bumping this because I have the same dilemma. I want to go to Williams too. Do you think Lockett’s hip will be an issue this season. Didn’t do any bomb attempts last game.

Personally, I’m not a big believer in Williams. In the past he’s been the epitome of boom/bust and what you saw from him this week is almost certainly going to happen several more times this year. That said, he’s had a lot more targets than in past seasons, so maybe he’ll see more use this year.

I ended up doing a straight swap for DJ Moore. Not sure if you could still do that trade this week. I tried targeting Ridley and Diggs with no success. Some managers may be starting to fade Mike now. But if you think your team can survive I’d wait until Lockett has another of his big games and cash on his peak value.

To comment on his hip, I wasn’t as concerned about that. I moved him because I have Tyreek as my WR1 and needed someone with stable production week to week for balance.

Probably a good idea, although with the game Mike Williams had this week they might get scared and take it. I just got DHop in another trade and I shot the DJ Moore owner Lockett and Green for Moore. See if he does anything with it.