Lockett for Pittman, Edmonds

Would you trade Tyler Locket for Michael Pittman Jr and Chase Edmonds? 10 Team PPR, Start 2 RBs, 3 WRs, and 1 Flex - roster below

QB Hurts, Tannehill(cutting Tanne Sunday)
RB Zeke, Pollard, Najee, Jones II, Dillon, Hines, Coleman, Conner
WR Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Kupp, Lockett, Fuller V
TE Waller

Definitely not, you’re not in any need of more RB depth and Lockett > Pittman by a mile. If in a week or two your RB depth doesn’t seem to be panning out than you could revisit this but before seeing a game you have to see what you have.