Lockett For Swift Trade?

My league mates made this trade tonight, and was accepted by both parties.
The, now 5-2 team is receiving Lockett
And the now 2-5 team is receiving Swift.

I don’t necessarily think the trade is fair per say (6 team full PPR for reference).

I tried to trade for J Taylor for like A Gibson and Godwin, and the 5-2 team didn’t like that trade, but he likes the 1 for 1 that is giving away his #3 overall PPR RB for a #38 overall PPR WR?

I know Lockett has potential, boom bust have you, but I just don’t know about trading swift for him. It just doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe I’m just tilting and overthinking

This is why veto should only be done if its collusion. Simply invites people who are jealous or didn’t work hard enough to block.

Values are subjective and we don’t know what will happen in the future with them. Lockett after two games had some folks thinking he’d be the WR1.

This trade in my opinion is bad but it should stand but so should yours previously. I wouldn’t want to block it but it’s definitely not ideal letting it run whilst you got rejected. So reluctantly I’d play the game everyone else is and voice my disapproval.


I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird.

While the 5-2 team is losing a potentially top 5 overall RB for possibly barely WR30 overall is a turrible trade, the team clearly values Lockett highly.

The only time a veto should happen is when it is clearly collusion for one specific team.

Overall, though I dont believe in giving players veto powers. Only the commish should have that and other owners can petition the commissioner for a veto if they feel the trade is collusion, imho.

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Thank you both! @recespieces31 @Mr_Wind-up_Bird . I just looked at the trade and it was vetoed. I didn’t place a vote, but talked to the 5-2 manager and he said he wasn’t bothered by it