Lockett/Gore/Juju/Ridley/Engram pick 2... Full PPr

What do you think guys?

I still think I go Juju and Ridley, that’s tough tho. I’d try to start nearly all of those guys if I could

It’s been tough because my team is like this

WR1 Edelman
WR Juju
RB1 Zeke
RB2 Kerryon
TE Engram
Flex ???

Bench: locket, Ridley, gore, Breida & Waller

@ratorres_hdz you included Engram as a Flex, is there another TE you were considering? Cuz I definitely start Engram over most other non-elite TEs

Edit: nvm I missed Waller. And yeah I do start Engram over him too