Lockett got PAID!

So I have Baldwin and he says he at 80% with his knee .! then Lockett gets paid a great deal ! Do I drop a Michael Gallup or ty montgomery to roster both incase.? Or just exercise patience like our other post???

well the thing about Baldwin is he could had been at 80% the last 2 years. When his knee was injured P. Carroll said he went “south” for treatment. To me this means he went to Panama for stem cell treatments.

He might be fine all year or he might be on his way out. hard to know,

Just cause locket got paid does not mean he becomes baldwin.

Also saying that marashall on the roster bubble … damn I don’t know what to do .!! Would you rather roster Baldwin and Gallup with this news … or drop Gallup or Montgomery to pick up Lockett?

Never mind LOL .!! He was drafted damn the man !!