Lockett & Harris for Barkley & cooks trade

Hey guys I was trying to buy low on saquan Barkley by offering Tyler locket but I was countered with a trade of Tyler Lockett and Damian Harris for saquan barkley and Brandon cooks…provided is my team…what do you guys think. I’m biased as I’m a giants fan but just want to confirm that this is a good trade. Thanks for the help…btw .5 ppr league

That’s tough, I’d say it’s close but there’s a very good chance Lockett is the best player in this trade. What’s your other wrs?

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Besides Lockett, I have deeboo, Godwin, Marvin jones, Patterson and moore. I provided the picture of my team above…thanks for the help

I don’t think I’d do it with that team. Your rbs are great as is and I’d rather have Lockett in my flex than saquan at this point

Thanks…it’s hard not to be biased when you’re favorite team is involved. Thanks for the help!

Any more feedback…thanks