Is Lockett a fair trade for Hilton right now? Lockett’s had consistent production even with Baldwin in the line up. I’m trying to target Hilton, would anyone accept this trade if it were offered to you?

I wouldnt want to give you my Hilton.

Even Lockett has produced he still has a serious competitor in Baldwin.
And his recs 3,5,4,5,3,3 is less then i expect from Hilton ros.

Keep Hilton. This isn’t close. Keep Hilton.

So i was the Lockett owner. Threw it out there and got the Hilton trade done. Safe to say I’m pretty happy.

Unreal trade. Congrats.

Yeah…I’ve got Lockett too. And until I see a consistent and SIGNIFICANT enough drop in Lockett’s numbers to scare me, I’m holding onto him. SEA’s offense has been such a mess the biggest part of the season so far, AND…Baldwin just got back. I think it’s too early to make a call on Lockett yet.

AND…Hilton’s not been back that long from injury himself…IF he’s back. (something hard to depend on with him)……just food for thought… :neutral_face: