Lockett or Metcalf?

Should I play Metcalf or Lockett?? I’m worried about the Slay shadow.

I’m up 9 point and have Metcalf in and Lockett on the bench. Thinking of switching them. My opponent has Carson and Goedert playing tonight.

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Hope you didn’t switch. I dont even consider sitting Metcalf. He’s the best WR this year IMO.

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Agreed with @Brobokil on that. I like them both but I’m always playing DK. Granted, I do not have both in the same league so I get how that’s a problem. I hope you didn’t switch!

Given your opponent’s team, it was probably pretty close. How’d you land?

I played Metcalf and won, but I’m sitting him now that I’m in the ship. Wilson has sucked.

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Glad you won! He and Wilson helped sink me this week, but I was also against point leader so I needed all systems go. Oh well.

If you have the luxury of sitting him I can see that. I think WFT is better than people give credit, but that was a shockingly bad outing by SEA. I’m having to roll him out this week due to injury. Fingers crossed.

Best of luck to you. I hope you pilot home the ship!

Have to play DK