Lockett value?

So I’m at a point where I basically have to win out and get some luck to make the playoffs. The person I’m playing this week is in the same situation, but they need a starting WR since Hilton is out and Sutton is on bye. So they offered me Landry and Hilton for Lockett. I have ok WRs, with John brown, diggs, Keenan allen, and pascal. Should I take the offer, knowing Lockett has a tough matchup this week and is on bye next week? Or should I try and get Hilton and Ridley instead of Landry? Or just stay put? Half ppr

I would say stay put. The offer is of low value for Lockett, imo.

Yeah that’s not even close my dude Lockett’s unstoppable. If you’re in a must win situation don’t trade active players to the team you’re facing for inactive players, even if it is fair. Which I don’t think this is

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