Lol a kicker?

Dan Bailey is on BYE. any kickers worth looking at for a decent stream? The bears and chargers kicker are on waiver. Thoughts?

Get Badgely. Though Parkey is also a good choice.

when playing Kickers i noticed that playing the kicker going against the Giants is a VERY VERY strong trend so Im in on Gould this week.

I picked up the Giants kicker Rosas this week. Easy match against Niners. Giants should get in the red zone a lot with Barkley and Beckham helping old Eli out.

Yeah. Picked up Gould for that exact reason. I’m figuring SF will very possibly be relying on a lot on FG’s. I’ve had Fairbairn, but had to stream this week because of his BYE.

Colts kicker!!

Yeah @Joelito82. I seriously considered Vinatieri. They’re playing Jax.

I’m gonna go with the chargers kicker. I’m expecting a blow out with lots of extra points and MAYBE a field goal here or there. Gould was unfortunately already picked up

Well…Badgley DID make a pretty decent showing back in weeks 6 & 7. :slightly_smiling_face: