Long post - Leaguemates decimated by injuries, now begging me for trades. Help?

3 teams in our 10-man 0.5 pt league have lost multiple players over the last two weeks. I have mostly, somehow, been unaffected but looking for a little more strength at WR. Should I try to shop around RB’s to flip for a stronger WR core? I’m 2-0 but am open to flipping some of my depth.

My roster is:
QB: Josh Allen,
RB: Kamara, Jacobs, Sanders, Mostert (D), Gibson,
WR: Golladay (Q), Moore, Gallup, Slayton, Jeudy, Shenault,
TE: Cook

Team 1 has said no one is off the table in terms of trades (sitting at 0-2) T1’s Roster:
QB: Prescott, Wentz,
RB: Mixon, Fournette, Moss, Lindsey (D), Brown (Q),
WR: Thomas (Q), Hill, Sutton (IR), Campbell (IR),
TE: Hockenson

Team 2 says he needs an RB ASAP. He is also 2-0 and in my conference. T2’s Roster:
QB: Mahomes, Newton,
RB: McCaffrey (O), DJ, Cohen, White, Howard,
WR: Ridley, McLuarin, Crowder, Miller,
TE: Kelce

Team 3 wants RB depth and willing to part ways with a WR. 1-1, same conference. T3’s roster:
QB: Ryan,
RB: Barkley (IR), Kelley, Swift, Bell (IR),
WR: Evans, Edelman, Kupp, Boyd, Lamb,
TE: Henry, Engram

If I could have it my way, I would want Hill or Ridley. But for Hill, the price is high and Ridley, I don’t like giving another solid RB to T2 when CMC will be back in 4-6 weeks. Ideally, Kamara and Allen are off limits, I’d hate to trade Jacobs but open to it. Any suggestions on who to target? Should I even be making a trade? Do I just let my leaguemates drown in injuries? Any help is appreciated!