Long Term QB Questions

Would you keep Eli, Brees or Mariota for the rest of the season? I probably have room for two but would rather keep one and stream more often

Brees, Mariota, Eli in that order. Eli isn’t worth owning unless you’re in a 2 QB league. Brees is still a top 5 QB

I would generally agree… but looking at the consistency charts hes been top 5 once this year and stays around 13 every other week. Eli has been progressively better each week and has multiple top 12 weeks. Mariota has been mehh and I’m having a hard time letting him go

Yea but it’s hard to argue against 10 years of production. We have no reason to believe that Brees won’t be the same as he has been in years past.

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Brees is your best option. I would hang on to MM for now. He will get better and he also has pretty good late season/playoff (PLAYOFFS?!) matchups.