Looking 4 Dynasty League

Hey guys lookin to join a dynasty league. Anyone got any open spots? I’m a very active player !

If you find one, can you let me know? My neighbor and I have been trying to find one as well.

Hi guys, I might be your guy. Here is my post copy and pasted.

Mix of UK and US members but all welcome as long as you can make the draft!
18:00 Sat 31st (UK)
Which makes it:
13:00(East) 12:00(central) 10:00(west)
I am in the process of removing a couple from the league who haven’t been active in the chat.
We need experienced dedicated players to make it a fun experience for all players playing, no fee, all free!
I’m 31, from England. Love the sport. Love fantasy football!
I’m hoping to create something we can all enjoy for years to come, so please no time wasters.

I love that your neighbour wants to join too. That’s instant rivalry and competitiveness! I have 3-5 slots remaining! All members so far have been questioned and have passed my test. They are all keen and dedicated. 2 of which are mates who I have played with for years! Hope to hear back from you all soon! If needed email me r-benson@hotmail.co.uk

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Ya I’m totally interested in playing

Great to hear. I’m building quite a collection of players. What’s your email? I’ll send some details over


That would be awesome! Sorry for the delayed response, I was out at a JV Football game for the high school nearby.
We would for sure be interested! My only limitation is I can’t play in a league where the yearly winnings is larger than $250. I work for the Tampa Bay Bucs on gamedays, and I have limitations when it comes to sports gambling as an NFL employee. If that’s doable, then we would for sure be interested!!!
My email is bpaton@mail.usf.edu

Ya I’m looking for a free dynasty atleast for the first year. Haven’t done a dynasty yet.

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I have sent you both emails, sorry for the delay I’m a few hours ahead of you, I live in the UK! Looking forward to hearing from you. The league is free. Fun shouldn’t have to be paid for!