Looking ahead - Bye Week TE - Skip position?

I’m winning 128-106 and still have hunt go to (other guys is done). And i’m looking ahead on my bye weeks and my TE is out on week 10. That said I can’t drop him since he’s top 5 and my bench right now is too stacked to move anyone. Unless someone craps the bed this week for a 2nd week in a row (darkwa) is it foolish to skip a TE for a week and see if i still get the win? Currently i’m 7-0 about to be 8-0

Very interesting question man! I know its tempting to just skip when 7-0 but its also nice to keep winning and ensuring that week 1 playoff bye week. I don’t think Darkwa is good enough to hold onto and lose out on a tight end man. I have to believe there is a Tight End on the waivers that is streamable. Think about it like this. Are you EVER really going to play Darkwa? All the bye weeks are coming to an end, week 9 is the last big one, hes not like an Aaron Jones to hold onto…heck we could see Gallman have the big game this week instead of him or even Perkins…its just so hard to predict teams that run the 3 headed rb monster.

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