Looking Ahead - Week 4 drop - Buck vs Henry

So looking ahead to weeks 4 and 5 i’ll need a DST and a K. Given that I have Da Bears and Lutz i’d rather keep than drop. if the bears get blown up this week obviously that could change but so far the seem like a play every week Defense which is rare. As such imma need to drop someone which comes down to Henry or Buck Allen.

My other RBs are DJ, Hyde, Cook, and Kerryon. Which one would you dump? I’m leaning buck because Dixon is supposed to return at some point, but man Henry has been AWFUL and he seems like if he sucks 4 weeks in a row he could just be a good waiver grenade to be someone else’s problem.

Agree with your take on the Bears D, hold on to them ROS for sure.
I would say you can drop Buck Allen instead of Henry, at least the Titans backfield is a committee of 2 instead of a committee of 3 like the Ravens.
Another something you could try is not dropping either of them and dropping your kicker to pick up your week 5 defence if that’s what you’re looking to do…so with that you start your week 4 match up without a kicker in your line up. Depending on how the first and second set of games go on Sunday, and if you end up with a comfortable lead in your match up and your opponent doesn’t have too many Sunday night and Monday night players, then you stay without a kicker and win anyways. If things are looking bad or tight in your match up you can still drop Allen before the Sunday night game starts and grab one of the 4 kickers off waivers who haven’t played yet (if any of them are available) and plug them into your line up. Also depends if your league settings allows you to do these late swaps before the games start or if your line up locks once the first slate of games starts or if it requires you to start someone in every position.
Kickers are the most replaceable position in fantasy football (have a look at how many of the top scoring kickers are available on your waiver wire) so this little strategy for holding onto potentially good bench players or high upside stashes can work.
It has worked for me already once this season.

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Thanks man. I might look into that too. It’s hard to think about dropping lutz but i’ll see who’s out there. Bears definitely seem like a ROS hold though.