Looking at Keepers; Mack, Kittle, and Chubb

Hey all,

Having issues with my draft strategy here. I’m in a TWO keeper league, and I have the ability to keep Marlon Mack for a 9th, George Kittle for a 9th, and Nick Chubb for a 10th. Chubb is my favorite of the three, so he’s a lock. But who would you all prefer between Mack and Kittle given they are the same cost? Appreciate any opinions!

Tough choice IMO but I’d go Kittle given the huge advantage you’d have at the TE position

I would go Kittle for the TE premium especially if you draft towards the end of the first round and cant get another good RB

I’d have to agree, that is a tough choice but given that you already have Chubb I think I’d go with Kittle

Sorry am I missing something, did someone say TE premium league? Otherwise I’m keeping Chubb and Mack, Kittle is a regression candidate if I ever saw one.

I think the premium is keeping Kittle with the 9th round selection instead of Mack (i’m assuming LT drafted Kittle in the ninth round last year and Chubb in the 10th round as well…kudos for planning for the future). He would then give up those picks to keep Kittle and Chubb, meaning that he has rounds 1-8 to bolster his holdings, 11-15 to possibly find future holdings.

Kittle I’d say Mack got dem hammy issues and I think Kittles working to be an elite TE

So Mack hasn’t had any hamstring issues for about a year so I don’t know what you are talking about. Kittle put up his numbers when there was literally no one else receiving the ball. Now they drafted a couple of guys, Goodwin is back, Pettis is healthy…Kittle is a bust at his current adp guys. Take Mack and laugh all the way to the bank.