Looking at keepers

Hey all,

My league is going to a keeper league. We are going off our ending roster to start, and I am debating on a few. I get to keep 2 and it is a 2 QB league.

Mixon round 3
Ertz round 4
Kerryon round 9
Darnold round 11
Josh Allen Round 16
Foles round 17

Looking at a for sure lock on Kerryon, but torn between Mixon, Ertz, or if I should go with with one of the QB’s I ended with. (Some of these were drops/trades from others and in Yahoo they kept the round drafted attached.)

Thanks all

After Kerryon, I’d go Mixon. Has a new coach who knows how to use him, and the QB play isn’t bad there when Dalton’s healthy. If you don’t think Dalton can be healthy then maybe Josh Allen, who was on a Bills team that is going to surprise some people this season (and he can run the ball which creates unique value, at 16th round draft capital). I would take the over on the Bills season win total, but the odds are too sportsbook-friendly at the moment.

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mixon and Kerryon are slam dunks as far as I’m concerned. I’d be tempted to keep Ertz in the 4th, but that is a long time to wait from round 2 to 5. Allen in the 16th would be who I’d keep as a great second or third QB.

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