Looking at TE for the next few weeks

I have Hollister and Goedert.

Should I drop Goedert for Higbee and then play Hollister for week 16 against Arizona? Or keep Goedert for his week 15 matchup against Washington?

Thanks all!

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Can anyone help?

Maybe wait a day and see if anything pops up on Ertz.
Otherwise I would drop Goedert for Higbee.

I have Mark Andrews and probably won’t be starting him this week.

I picked up Higbee. I know that Seattle was a good opponent but I just can’t fade 11 targets. Eight minimum for the last 3 weeks. This is all valid if Everett is still out.

I also picked up Hollister for the week 16 match up. I’ll be starting him over Hunter Henry- that’s if I make it to championship.

What other TE options are out there.

Dan should be coming out with his TE model later on today. That certainly helps.


Ian Thomas is out there and poopy Howard. I think Alshon will be out so Goedert might be used in the passing along side Ertz

I’ll wait on the model. Thanks!

Oooooh- they’re playing Seattle too.
I don’t know- Seattle might be set to just destroy Panthers. Maybe not a great choice even though their defense has sucked against TEs.

That’s true- if Eagles don’t figure something out for WRs, Goedert can certainly be used more. They didn’t much last night only until the end of the game.

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Yeah I’ll keep an eye out. But Higbee and Thomas are out there so I’ll see what happens

@Marencophoto has already given some good thoughts. My TE model does not project Everett very high (Higbee would model about the same), but it does seem that McVay is suddenly using and targeting the tight end much more with Higbee in. So I also think I would grab Higbee and see if any clarity comes on the Everett situation. if Everett is out, I would consider playing Higbee over both Hollister and Goedert this week. I would be OK dropping Goedert if needed, but I would not drop Hollister, he is the projected TE1 next week.

If Olsen is out, Thomas is a reasonable stream this week and I would play him over Goedert and Hollister, but again not over Higbee if Everett is out. Lots of moving parts with TE this week.

My TE model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

Please check out my Week 15 streaming post where I provide weekly and rest-of-season rankings, scoring projections and waiver recommendations for QBs, TEs and DSTs. Comments and feedback are welcome. Thanks!

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Thanks Dan!

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You gotta love that dude!
@Sith_Are_People_Too is a machine!

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You too @Marencophoto! Out here helping the #FootClan family every week!

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Would you play Goedert with news that Jeffery is out and that Agholor might miss again?

Yes. I would consider him in the TE10-14 range, definitely playable.

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Cool! Thank you. I might pickup him again instead of Higbee