Looking for 1-2 people to take over teams in a dynasty league (league filled)

We started up a dynasty a year ago and have a couple guys who aren’t active and don’t want to do it anymore. Just looking for people who are active and want to be in the league. buy in is probably going to b e 10 or 20 dollars. its a 10-team PPR dynasty on sleeper and haven’t done the rookie draft yet. If you’re interested or have any questions reply to this post.

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I’d be interested depending on the teams. Do you have a list or a way to view the teams

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I’m down to take over this team! I have not played dynasty before but have always really wanted to. Promise to be active

I would take that team. Thanks for posting. My Sleeper name is freeWilly50. I would be active and committed.

do you have a sleeper account? if so what is your username?

Wavv (two v’s there at the end) is my username I believe

Still looking for players. @Stark20 on sleeper.

Sorry we were able to fill the league on Friday but if more teams open up I’ll post on here again

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