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Looking for 1 more person for 12 team PPR league


Title says it all, contact me if interested.


shoot me an email macklockridge@gmail.com

is there a buy in and what time will the draft be held? Thanks!


I’m interested if anymore spots come open. trcoving@yahoo.com


yes we are voting now on the buy in (between $20-50) and right now the
draft is scheduled for the 6th at 8:00pm EST


If there is still a spot, I’d be interested. samdgheim@gmail.com


All filled up, sorry.


I just saw this email. Is the league full already?


yup all filled up, sorry.


Spot just opened in our league, interested?


I’m going to have to pass.


spot just opened up, interested?


were voting on fees now, draft is scheduled for the 6th at 8:00 EST.


I’m still interested! samdgheim@gmail.com