Looking for 12 team dynasty league

Been playing redraft for about 10 years pretty competitively, but new to dynasty. I’m open to money leagues or free. I just want to play some competitive dynasty!

Hey there,

I’m also looking to join a #footclan dynasty league. Down for 12 teams, thinking that super flex might be a cool addition, with perhaps even 3 WR or an extra flex for an expanded roster. I would also like a deep bench, maybe 30 roster slots in total. Anyone else???

Cody I’m in the same boat as you, been a redraft leagues for multiple years (auction and snake) but can’t get any of my buddies to do a dynasty…


I have a dynasty league on sleeper. It’s 2rb, 2wr, 2 flex, 1qb, and 15 bench. It’s a twenty five dollar buy in. If you are interested email me at gojags2019@gmail.com.