Looking for 1st Dynasty League (Disregard)

Are you the commissioner or a member in a dynasty league with an opening? Are you sick of chumps that dont stay active in the league? Well have I got the offer for you! I’ve been playing redraft fantasy for like 5 years now and ive decided it’s time to take my relationship to the next level. Commitment? No sweat, I’m married so you know I’m good for it. Will I be active? You bet your ass! I’m in college and there is no better way to procrastinate on your school work than finding literally anything else to do. Your dynasty league can enable my procrastination. Am I a gambling addict? Not yet. So I’m looking for a league with a buy in of $20 or less, I’m not interested in playing for money, i just want the infinite glory of withstanding victories. I enjoy dad jokes, fishing, and mercilessly steamrolling my opponents in fantasy. If you need to fill a spot in your league with someone who doesnt suck, I’m your man.

Also, im not a dick or anything, so theres that.

Man i wish i had you and your personality in my leagues, alas thats not possible as my leagues have an entry fee and transaction fees higher than you desire. You said you are married, i can think of a better way to procrastinate than fantasy football :wink:

LOL I wish! Theres wiggle room with the fees, I’m just not looking to drop a ton of money on this, more of a hobby than anything else. Gotta save that money for buying more fishing lures I dont need!