Looking for 2-4 more Managers for my 10 - 12 Team league (half ppr) - $50 buy in

Hey FootClan,

I’m looking for 2-4 more managers for my league, I’m open to have 10-12 teams total depending on how things shake out! The more the better, but I’m ok with 10 teams if it comes down to that.

The scoring is half ppr, extra flex spot (rb/wr/te) and no kicker, and 4pt per passing td. Pretty basic scoring, nothing out of the ordinary. Attached are some league settings, and it is a on the Yahoo Fantasy platform. Looking to have the draft on August 28th but open to suggestions and what works best for everyone involved.

Let me know if you’re interested and/or have any questions!


Hey! I’d be interested, particularly if you can get 12 members. Is it a snake or auction draft?

My email is alex.knight.2207@gmail.com. Hope it works out!

I am interested in joining. My email is hhmaung@gmail.com

I would be interested in joining. Email theintelron@gmail.com

It is a snake draft

sweet, I’ll send you the link to the league today

awesome, I will send you the link today

I would be interested, email is litebrite78@gmail.com or Sleeper ID is @venganza

I’m interested. Jaysunmoore@aol.com

Cool. I’m in if you’ll have me!

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Im interested as well if there is still room.

Interested, but judging by replies, assume you have your league filled.
If not, hit me up fantasygmr@gmail.com

Hey! Just thought I’d touch base to see if it’d be possible for me to join this league or if you had filled it already.

Alex Knight

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I’ll play. Tasker4HOF@yahoo.com

Shoot! This is the one I can’t play in because of some Washington state nonsense. Sorry!