Looking for 2 more people for 12 team 0.5PPR dynasty league

.5 PPR league, normal scoring/ dynasty/ looking for competitive players to play for the next 5+ years. Set the league on sleeper. Rookies included in 1st draft. We can discuss cost to start year one. Price can increase as we become more familiar with each other. Let me know whos interested. Draft is not yet set

Comment below for interest.

I’d be interested. I’d also be a fan of separating the rookies and veterans to have two drafts…because, what else am I doing at the moment? and drafting is a highlight to every fantasy season

Haha yep I think we would also be keen for that, we’ll just have to see if/when we can get the league filled but will keep you updated! :smiley:

If you’re still looking for a player, send me a message at shawnjungwirth@gmail.com or on Sleeper @Jungy


Hey im interested if you are still looking, @MattCrawley on Sleeper

my sleeper ID is strams25, since it seems others are giving theirs here as well. go ahead and add me and we’ll build from there.

If you still got some empties id love to join – masonrat on sleeper

I think I’ve sent you all invites

Can you resend the invite?

Any room left?

Sent, that worked ok?

There is indeed; would you like in? What’s your sleeper username?

I’m not sure what’s going on w Sleeper. I can see that you invited me the league as a notification, but as soon as I open the App, nothing is there. I’m going to shutdown my phone and restart it… do you mind sending it one more time?

Hey i didnt get an invite, not sure if you sent or not. @MattCrawley on sleeper

Nevermind got it!


Not fancy it?

how many spots are left?

If there is still a spot I’ll join

Sleeper name @gregdavitte