Looking for 2 Owners for Dispersal Draft

League is Superflex Full IDP where you start 11 Offense and 11 Defense

Hosted on MFL - $100 yearly dues

Offensive Starting line up
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
4 Flex (RB WR TE)
1 Superflex (QB RB WR TE)

IDP Starting line up
1 DT
2 DE
1 CB
2 LB
2 S
3 Def Flex (DT DE CB LB S)
(22 total)

Scoring is very balanced with Bonus’s to allow for very level scoring across positions. Both teams have all their 2021 draft picks and there are 3 2020 1st round draft picks in the dispersal draft.

If you’re interested I’m happy to shoot over the google doc with all the players/picks in the dispersal. Also will send the Bylaws.