Looking For $25-50 Fantasy League Drafting Today

I have no idea how to reply to footclan league topic openings. I am Looking For $25-50 Fantasy League Drafting Today.

please reply if you need a spot filled. would prefer Sleeper Or ESPN

Alsos, if someone can help me on how to reply to footclan league post. There’s no where for me to comment

Not sure if it’s the same on mobile, but underneath the post there should be a “Reply” button which will comment directly beneath the original post. I provided a screenshot below as well, hope this helps!

thank you. With your reply it showed a reply button, but when I click on a topic I cannot reply to any. Even when I sign in with patreon

I have a 12-team superflex tiered-ppr redraft league drafting at 9pm eastern! $50 buy-in

I have the same problem concerning Footclan Leagues

Also looking!

If you are still looking for a league you could join mine! We are drafting at 6PM EST

BROOOO. Please send me the link if you still have spots. tdlyda11@gmail.com