Looking for a 1000$ buy in league

Hey what it is ballers!! Thanks for what you do!! My name is wes, and I am a visually impaired disabled veteran. Been playing fantasy for some time and wanted to step up my game this year. I would like to do a 1000.00 team, but am having problems finding 1. I prefer full point ppr, 12 teams, league safe, snake draft, and as much fun as i can have. I do prefer a live draft in person, but understand due to covid may not be appropriate. Any help would be awesome!!

thanks gonna be a fun season,
wes hoppe

Still looking, couple replies, but no solid leads yet. let me know foot, thanks

hmmmm well I noticed a few views on this thread so i figure others are looking for something like this. Well foot clan, what do you think of these guys??

Looks like very reasonable payouts, but let me know what you think?


Hey Wes,

Have you checked out myffpc.com they have some high end leagues. I am sure you can find one that fits.



will look thx