Looking for a 12 Team PPR league to join/FOUND

Got two people looking to join a PPR redraft. minimal if any buy in. Cheers.

have a 1/2 pt, $50 buy in if interested. Let me know!

Do you have an email I can send an invite to?

What are the league specifics?

Matt, have a 10 teamer (see let’s below), with couple open spots. DM if you’re interested!

League summary:
10 team, PPR, TE 1.5 PPR
$20 buy-in via Venmo, Commish will DM ID
Active roster 1QB, 2WR, 1RB, 2W/R/T Flex, 1WR/RB Flex
Bench 6, IR 4 (Out and Covid)
FAAB daily waviers, Tues-Fri, first come first serve Sat-Mon
$65, $25, $10 1st - 3rd, $5 for each game won wks 10 thru 13
Covid less than 8 game season all dues refunded, more than 8 less than 16, hybrid reg rules and highest Points For (PF), special QB rule.

Ok so. Myself and my wife would both be in. One small problem. We live in Canada and we don’t have Venmo up here… Other than that it sounds good to me.

Does PayPal work CA/US? If so, how do we keep fees to minimum?

Are you still looking for more people?

Pay pal does work and fees for an amount that small are minimal. Looks like it’s a max of 2% so .80. if you don’t mind the two of us sending together.

Atm, still looking for a league for 2 to join.

@matt_minow you got the sleeper app? Got a 12 team PPR I was going to discuss fee once league is full. It will be small if any plus trophy goes to the winner.

My sleeper is fantasyginger add me I can invite you guys

M.j.minow@gmail.com and monicakatherine@yahoo.ca

Sounds good!


On Sleeper I’m @SgtRock

I think I may have just filled it. But if one of them backs out I will get ahold of you ASAP!

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