Looking for a 12 team redraft or startup dynasty

Looking for a 12 team ppr redraft or startup dynasty league.

I have an empire league starting up. Need 5 more owners

What is an empire league?

Basically dynasty but it ends when someone wins two years in a row. Part of the buy in goes to an empire pot that pays out to the person who wins the 2 years in a row

How many teams are going to be in this league?

Only 10, I just noticed your post said 12…

I’ll play in a 10 I just don’t like over 12.


Well here are the details…

10 teams
$200 ($125 annual payout/$75 empire pot)
ESPN (platform) w/ groupme for communication and Sleeper for draft
Slow draft

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE

When do you need the money? Draft date?

Hopefully we can start drafting as soon as we fill the league. Money just before we draft. I won’t start drafting before next Monday though because of the holiday weekend.