Looking for a competitive startup dynasty league

Preferably a .5ppr with a bunch of footclan members and a decent yearly buy-in. Like $25-$100.

Let me know! =D

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Here is one:

If you are still looking, we have a dynasty Custom PPR / 3 IDP / FAAB / Auction Draft / Start up coming together. There are three owners who have not yet paid and we gave them to Wednesday. It is $30 with weekly payouts (given end of season). I am happy to have Footclan folks around :slight_smile:

If you are interested I can let you know after Wednesday? You would just need to make sure you could pay the $30 straight away. We use League Safe. Let me know if you want more information as our PPR is not a standard version.


I have 3 teams left, please look at my post for more info.

Here is another