Looking for a deep IDP PPR REDRAFT league

Does anyone have any IDP PPR leagues that aren’t for wussies? I’m looking for a 10 team league with at least 8 offensive starters and at least 6 DP with a decent size bench. Not interested in 2QB leagues or leagues that have scoring for pass completions or pass attempts because lets face it…that’s just stupid. Would consider free leagues or leagues with a minimal buy-in of up to $25…possibly $50 if the league is good enough. Would also consider an 8 or 12 team league if the settings are right. No keeper or dynasty leagues…redraft only. Thanks.

No leagues for people with skills i guess

People with skills play games of skill, not games of chance like fantasy football leagues with six kickers (which is essentially what IDP leagues are).

Funny. You talk a lot but your pretty clueless when it comes to fantasy, and your obviously too scared to compete against me. Stick to your standard leagues. It’s obvious you can’t compete in any league that carries more than 7 offensive players…leagues that anyone can get lucky and win. Sad.

I bet Mike Tyson gets this a lot.

Does Iron Mike play fantasy football?..lmao