Looking For A Dynasty League Home

My buddy and I are big fantasy football players and even bigger foot clan supporters. I recently relocated for work and we both always talked about joining a dynasty league together. This year seemed like the year to do so to stay in touch. We’ve both been playing fantasy for a combined 10+ years but never been in a dynasty league. We’re very active players and want to take our playing to the next level. We’d be open to owning our own teams but prefer to co-own. Let me know if your league has a spot or two that you need filled. We’d love to contribute to the league that you’ve already built!


I’ve got a really awesome league that is starting up in the next couple of weeks. We’ve got a few spots left that you and a buddy could definitely co-own together.

NFL Dynasty League with College Football “THEMED” teams and conferences.

84-Teams, broken down into 7 conferences of 12 teams each.

-Super Flex, Auction Styled Drafting, Best Ball Scoring.

-Read the bylaws and sign up with this link!

I got two spots left in a league. If you guys are still interested message me on sleeper app. Rcher182


@OjDaJuiceman we only got one more spot