Looking for a Dynasty League with ppl who will actually follow through

Im seeing a lot of big talk about starting Dynasty leagues this off season but when push comes to shove ppl are leaving the league or not following through with them at all…

Are there any serious ppl out there who remember when Fantasy was fun? if you remember when it was fun by all means add me up cause thats what im looking for… Im an active person and a stay at home dad… Any one looking for an extra for their Dynasty league let me know…

Ill even consider taking over abandoned teams in established leagues if they arent looking to rough

Come on I just want a good league to have some fun with


Checkout my post.

It wont let me see it… but wow 32 teams… thats a but intense lol wow


I have a new dynasty league that is starting up now, we have 9 out of 10 already. Looking for one last serious person. Feel free to email me at markusoleary@yahoo.com for more info.

i dont understand why it keeps not letting people see the post via a link. if you do a search in the upper right hand of the screen for “Startup 32 team dynasty” you should see the post.

It is intense yes, and its only for the serious players that are highly active.

I too am looking for an opportunity to join in a Dynasty League. Sent you an email. If Dingus is interested in your league - he should join ahead of me, as he started this post. Thanks