Looking for a Dynasty League :}


I’ve been playing fantasy football now for 4 years. Every year I’ve managed about 3 teams and have been obsessed during the season so I’m very active, always looking to make trades and discuss football/fantasy. I’m looking to join my first dynasty so I can have some football interaction throughout the year. I’m open to both taking over a team and or startup (would prefer a startup if not I expect the team to not be a barren wasteland) also open to both a buy in and free league.

i think ill have a spot opening up soon, in a new dynasty startup league can u send me your email-

Shanepebles@gmail.com if you could email the details of the league that would be great!

right now just basic .5ppr 2 flex no superflex
3 taxi players
total team is 23 players with 1 ir spot
6 pt tds
top 4 teams make the playoffs bottom 2 seeds will be based off of points scored
Faab budget is 100 for the entire season
2 seperate drafts rookie draft and current player draft

Starting up a Dynasty league this year. Looking for 4 more.

12 Team Dynasty with custom PPR scoring / 1 Super Flex / 3 IDP slots / Rookies with Taxi Squad / FAAB / extra weekly game against league median.

13 starters: 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 1 TE / 1 Super Flex / 2 Flex / 1 K / 1 DL / 1 LB / 1 DB.
17 bench spots. 2 IR for ONLY IR players.
5 Taxi slots for Rookies only, locks on start of season.

If interested let me know :slight_smile:

  • Craig Coffman

I’m interested

Got a league starting here!

I’m interested, what platform are you going to use?

It’ll be using Sleeper!