Looking for a Dynasty start up

I’ve been playing fantasy football for over 10 years, but never dipped my toes into the dynasty portion. In a couple keeper leagues, but I like a challenge of starting off a new journey if someone is looking for another person hit me up.

“If you build it they will come.”

I’ll join if you setup. kevkim622@gmail.com

I would also be interested.


I would be in. Any thoughts on format/scoring etc?

also interested, if you create a league I’m in.

I would be in as well! Patrick.c.lewis@gmail.com

I’d be interested in starting a dynasty with you guys as well. Let me know


ill be interested jojosboy13@yahoo.com

I would be interested - have been wanting to get involved in a dedicated dynasty league.
What website would we plan to use?
My email is camooney13@yahoo.com

I am looking for one person to fill out our 12 team dynasty startup. Veteran Draft will be after the NFL draft, then rookie draft following that. $100 entry fee. Pays out top two and weekly high score. Let me know if interested and I will give more details.