Looking for a dynasty startup league, or a keeper startup league

I am a experienced and eager fantasy player. I have played for about 5 years now in multiple leagues and have won a few titles and have been close to others. I would like a buy in around $25-$50. Thanks.

We have one on sleeper forming, no buy in, but 12 Team Dynasty Startup, looking for active owners

I prefer a buy in so I know everyone will be active and competitive.

@ccrofton27 - It’s more than you were looking for regarding the $25-$50 but…

Just posted a Startup Dynasty with money handled through Leagesafe if interested. League will be on Sleeper. $150 first year and $100 each additional year. 1st year $150 is $100 towards current year, and $50 towards next. Then each additional year is $100, $50 towards that year, and $50 towards the next. The $50 towards each following year is non-refundable to keep players involved, or ease the process of finding replacements. Check it out on league safe if interested.

@ccrofton27 I don’t know if you found what you were looking for, but if you’re interested in a little higher stakes, here are some details of The Startup Dynasty I put together.


Number of Teams - 12

Draft - Intial Draft will be full rookie/veteran draft and random order once league is full. Ensuing drafts will be as follows - Regular Season 12th-7th place finishes will draft 1st-6th accordingly with 12th draft 1st, 11th drafting 2nd, etc. Then the 6 play off teams will draft 7th -12th based on finish with 6th place drafting 7th, through 1st place drafting 12th.

Roster - 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 FLEX (W/R/T/Q), 1 DL, 1 LB, 1 DB, 1 FLEX (IDP), 17 BN

Playoffs - 6 teams, starts week 14 - Re-seeding

Waiver Type -FAAB (Bidding) - $1,000

Clear Waivers - Monday - Waivers will clear after Monday

Waiver Time - 1 Day - Players stay on the waivers for 1 day

Custom Daily Waivers:
Monday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Tuesday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Wednesday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Thursday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Friday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Saturday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)
Sunday - Waivers (Processing Time 1 PM PST)

Trade Deadline - Week 10 - Trades are not allowed after week 10 - Will be allowed again after the playoffs are done. All trades will process immediately unless pure collusion is involved. Trades can occur between 2, 3, or 4 teams as allowed on the Sleeper Platform.

Injured Reserve Slots - 6

Draft Pick Trading Allowed - Yes


Total Paid in for League = $1,800
$50 each towards following Season = $600(Non refundable if opting out of the league to help ease the process of finding a replacement)
Yearly Prize Pool = $1,200
Weekly High Score - $25/week = $325 total
Regular Season Best Record = $50
Regular Season Most Points =$50
1st Place = $425
2nd Place = $225
3rd Place = $125

Each of the following seasons will be $100 buy-ins with $50 towards that season, and $50 towards the following season - Payouts will remain the same.