Looking for a dynasty team

Let me know if anyone is forming one. Thanks!

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I will take over the orphan team if you’d like. I’m looking to get into a fantasy league year round to fill the downtime from my yearly draft league. If someone else has not taken the spot yet I am more than willing to join. Send me an email at acenace100@yahoo.com and any information that is important (Entry fee/yearly fee, rookie draft dates, etc.). Thanks.

Thanks, but I picked up an orphan in another league and that’s a big
project. hoping i can find a team from scratch somewhere!

@tajolly my friends and I are looking for people to begin a league with, would you be interested?

Yes. What type of league are you thinking?

1/2 point PPR and first and second year up front. Gathering all the members first then we will all discuss what we prefer. What are your requirements?

I’m pretty flexible. Mainly looking for a good, active group that’s going to be in it longterm and paying up front for first and second years will help with that.

You can join our waiting list with an email if you would like

Ok, thanks. It’s tajolly326@gmail.com

@tajolly so may I include you in my group of highly interested owners in my quest to create a highly committed league?

Also, @hertel3k , could you add me to your list if things in my startup don’t pan out?

Yes. Definitely.

What’s your email? I’ll add you to the list

Oh! Sorry. It’s tajolly326@gmail.com

@logangclark13 I’m looking for a dynasty startup too. If you have some room you can throw me on the list. What were you thinking for yearly dues? email is kmk5414@gmail.com

im in. joeldivina@gmail.com

please let me know if there is a spot for me.

I am interested in a startup dynasty league as well. nanoreed89@att.net

I’m also interested in joining a startup dynasty league. If anyone’s got one in the works I’d love to join. scottjrivers@yahoo.com

I know this was awhile ago but I’m looking for a league as well. Wondering if this league has another spot for a team? Thanks