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Looking for a hyper competitive league


I am looking for a keeper or dynasty (super committed)

Auction preferable snake draft is fine (look I know big words)

I am in the PNW so I would love a league that gets together (I make amazing pulled pork and football food)

Must use some sort of messenger program, I want to talk football and down to the substandard players everyday

What Makes Me Great

I won all but one (3-4) league last season – (not having a waiver process is my kryptonite example is player A is hurt his hand cuff comes in you can pick up that handcuff immediately)

One league was sponsored by 4 for 4 through the FTA site and won that of course

I do consult for Finish First Fantasy and all 3 of my clients came in top 3 of their leagues to include a 2 QB and IDP style league

I want to talk football all day and I will make your league better

I participate in the Scott Fishbowl every year even if it’s a satellite

Look me up on twitter Austn37 I am building my brand and want to make the community better

I lay claim to La Fell lemon cookies (when he was on the Pats) – you would have to be a part of the Footballers Live stream to understand.