Looking for a keeper league owner

We’re looking for an owner to take a team over mid-season. The team is 1-5 and in last place unfortunately, the roster is constructed as such…

Russell Wilson
Brandin Cooks
Tyreke Hill
Marshawn Lynch
Duke Johnson Jr.
Travis Kelce
Desean Jackson
Kelvin Benjamin
Matt Breida
Willie Snead
Dion Lewis
Jermaine Kearse
Darren Sproles-IR
Mason Crosby
Miami D

We’re an active group with a FB page and would love to have another awesome Footclan member join us. The team is 1-5 but, 1-5 doesn’t mean you can’t make the playoffs.


Did someone take the team yet or still looking?

I am interested.

Definitely interested! just wondering, what are the scoring and keeper rules?

Hey fellas,

We have filled the spot but thank you for the interest!

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after reading the RBs I am RIP