Looking For A League Charter - Dynasty

Looking to fix a league that has been in chaos for a few years now, I am looking to introduce a charter to keep the league fun and competitive. Does anyone have an editable charter they are using that works well for a dynasty league?

I just came in here to post about a startup, but here’s what I’m using, hopefully some of this helps!

We’ll get the draft started as soon as all teams have paid. You reserve your spot by paying on league safe. The link is pinned in the chat.

If you need clarification on anything bring it up now!

$50 buy in each year. 2020 and 2021 dues are due now, so $100 due total. Each year you will pay one year ahead in case any teams are abandoned we can get a replacement who will get a year for free. League safe with majority approval will be used.

Playoff winner gets $400. Regular season winner gets $100.

Looking for ACTIVE members. Trading is what makes dynasty fun, so looking for owners who offer and respond timely to trades and are regularly working on their rosters. Turn on your sleeper notifications!

Startup draft will be a slow draft with an 8 hour time limit per pick. All rookies and veterans are in the startup draft.

League Rules:

Dynasty League

10 Teams

.5 PPR

TE’s get full PPR

Look at the scoring settings, there are bonuses for long plays/td’s and game yardage bonuses


1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 3 Flex & 1 Superflex

No defense or kickers

No trade deadline, trade any time you want!

20 roster spots, 2 IR spots

5 man taxi squad

Players in their first 3 years are eligible for the taxi squad

Deadline to add to the taxi squad is the start of the regular season

*Let me know if anyone is unfamiliar with how a taxi squad works

FAAB for waivers

Rolling waivers, so no free agents, waivers run every night.

In season waiver period is from start of a players game to the end of tues

The rookie draft each year will be a linear draft with the order being the inverse of the final regular season standings. So the last place team picks first each round. The team that finishes the regular season in 1st picks last each round.

Trades process immediately.

Trade veto is only for collusion, the commissioner can call a vote on the sleeper chat and requires 6/8 votes to veto. If the commissioner is involved in the trade anyone can call for a veto vote if they feel there was collusion. If there is potentially collusion I will freeze the players involved until the vote occurs. Hopefully this never comes up at all.

The startup draft and all rookie drafts will be slow drafts with an 8 hour time limit. Each year the rookie draft opens when the nfl draft ends and all dues have been paid.

The start up draft will be a snake draft with 3rd rd reversal. So after 2 rounds it flips, this is a setting in sleeper.


The order will be randomly determined by the Sleeper draft randomizer.

All rookies and veterans are included in the startup draft.

You are required to field a full lineup every week. Repeated failures to set your lineup can result in expulsion from the league. You will receive multiple warnings prior to any expulsion. Last minute inactive players still in lineups are not included with this.

This league is for active players, so the expectation is that you make roster moves, set your lineup, offer trades and respond to trade offers(even if it is to just press reject). Severe lack of activity can lead to expulsion. Again, you will receive multiple warnings prior to that.

***Make sure your notifications are on so you get notice of trade offers, draft picks made, etc… This is especially important with a long draft so you know when your pick is up. The expectation is that other owners can communicate with you via sleeper.