Looking for a league (dynasty)

Let me know if anyone needs another player. I’m looking to get into another dynasty league or two for the year. Format doesn’t really matter to me.

Hi toasty, a senior member of my 23 year TNL league just recently passed away god bless his soul.
If your interested in joining a very stable, long standing league hit me up.
Its MFL hosted, so just need an Email address to send you an invite.
100 entry fee

Hey Typhus, I was more interested in doing a startup league but I am a bit interested in this. Can you give me a few more details on the team? Mostly players and draft position and such. Thanks!

Hey Toasty its a keep 7 league.
No more than 2 at any given position.
Must keep at least 1 IDP.
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 flex RB/WR/TE
3 LB or DL
2 DB safety or CB
1 K

have a really stacked team still available, draft is on august 17, any interest?