Looking for a League?

Looking for One person to join our Sleeper league. We are drafting after the NFL draft for our Veterans and a rookie draft will follow. Draft order will be assigned on the day of the NFL draft. We will each be randomly assigned one of the top ten rookies and the order that they are drafted in will be the order we draft (this team will have Kyler Murray). $25 dollar buy in. Also we will have a traveling trophy and possible other rewards for the winner.

1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 3 FLX 12 Bench 2 IR 3 Taxi Squad

Alternate Scoring:
0.2 Per Completed Pass for QBs
6 Per Passing Touchdown

I am! My email is jcwattner@gmail.com I have the sleeper app so just post the link or add me my name is @jcwattner

Hey, we got that spot filled, but we have one more open, but the team has the rookie Jonah Williams assigned to it. If you still want in, the spot is yours.

If everyone is active and competitive in down!

Email is jcwattner@gmail.com

Is this filled?