Looking for a ray of hope

Can Bell / Steelers D cover the points I lost with Darkwa / Engram last night? Had JuJu in the mix as well up until an hour ago. The week is feeling really sketchy now.

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Dude don’t sleep on the potential upside of a home favorite RB and DST stack. GREAT DFS tourny play, massive weekly upside for your season long fantasy team too.

This is a game where Steelers are massively favored, at home, against a first year starter, and a team riddled with injuries, and also the steelers have been absolutely dominant lately.

All it takes is Big Ben and Bell to gain a multiple score lead, then the team feeding Bell the ball to slow down the game. And when the Packers have the ball- this first year starter will be have to try to make plays against this dominant home defense, which will probably lead to mistakes, such as interceptions, maybe a fumble or two, some sacks, etc.

Totally possible to see dominant performances from both of them. Best of luck man! I’ll be putting my faith in Big Ben and the Steelers DST this week too haha.