Looking for a redraft league 2020

Unfortunately a couple of my yearly leagues fell apart this year. So, I’m looking for a league or two to join.cFlexible regarding platform, buy-in, lineup, etc. Let me know!

Let me know if you’re interested after reviewing the summary!

League summary:
10 team, PPR, TE 1.5 PPR on Sleeper
$20 buy-in via Venmo, Commish will DM ID
Active roster 1QB, 2WR, 1RB, 2W/R/T Flex, 1WR/RB Flex
Bench 6, IR 4 (Out and Covid)
FAAB daily waviers, Tues-Fri, first come first serve Sat-Mon
$65, $25, $10 1st - 3rd, $5 for each game won wks 10 thru 13
Covid less than 8 game season all dues refunded, more than 8 less than 16, hybrid reg rules and highest Points For (PF), special QB rule.