Looking for a third RB, who should I trade?

Redraft 10 Team PPR, Drafted from 8th spot
QB: Brady, Lance
RB’s: Ekeler, Gibson, Sermon, Dillon, Gio
WR: A-Rob, Amari, Lockett, Aiyuk, Shenault, Callaway

Thinking of maybe moving Lockett for a RB such as Gus or Damien Harris and a WR, thoughts?

I think I’d try Aiyuk and Shenault as a combination and see what it can get. It might excite somebody to give up more than you’d think.

Carson is pretty much my automatic try to trade for rb. I think ask the owner what he’d be looking for and see if your squad can handle losing it or not.

Gus and Harris are players that will be pretty excellent third running backs. And you have sermon who really ought to get a decent share of 49ers rb pie too.

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I’d try to package Gio and Callaway to get Derrick Henry or Ezekiel Elliott.

Then I’d get Tyreek Hill for Dillon and Shenault, and you’ll be loaded for bear!